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Women today are more powerful than ever before. However between juggling careers, families, and loved ones, we are often left with little time to focus on ourselves. Empower Women Counseling is a dedicated practice which focuses on the unique needs of women. Whether you are struggling with a difficult transition in your life or are experiencing more chronic symptoms of anxiety, depression, or mood symptoms post-partum  I am here to help.


Empower Women Counseling provides a safe space to heal, reflect, and cope. As BOTH a mom and a woman with a career, I know first hand how stressful the balancing act can be. My practice focuses on empowering women by providing them with concrete interventions to reduce the pain in their life. The most important thing I want women to remember is you are not alone.

Owning our story and loving ourselves through that process is the bravest thing that we will ever do. - Brene Brown

At Empower Women Counseling, we work together to create a treatment plan to target your most troubling symptoms. I utilize attachment theory & somatic therapy techniques to explore the deeper source of your pain and suffering. If you are brave enough to face your deepest fears - I am confident we will get you well.  


If you’re a new or seasoned mom, and find yourself battling burn out, body image , anxiety, intrusive thoughts, or depression - I can help you find immediate ways to cope.  I will provide compassionate support as we work collaboratively to explore the unrealistic expectations of motherhood. Together we will develop strategies that enable you to balance family responsibilities with your own self-care needs, career, and relationships.


I’m not the kind of woman who will look away when you talk about rape, abuse, or addiction. I won’t flinch when you walk in covered in dirt, muck, and inner shit. I won’t judge your story of neglect, betrayal, or trauma. I won’t try to re-write your suicidal thoughts or self-hatred. I won’t ignore your cry. I won’t back away from your drool, vomit or blood.  I won’t deny the relationship you have with your womb, work, or the unseen. I won’t belittle your body-image or self-wisdom. I won’t pretend I have an answer for you. I won’t compare your divorce, break-up, or loss to another. Because I believe you. I believe you when you say what you’ve been through, what you’re in, and all that you carry. I believe it when you say that you’ve tried, you want to, and that you will. I believe you now, and I will continue believing you. Because I am the kind of woman who holds space. For you, sister.


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