As human beings we all experience anxiety on a consistent basis. It is an evolutionary skill which we have adapted to survive since the beginning of time.


In the caveman days, we needed to be hyper-vigilant to protect us from getting eaten by predators . However, today there aren’t many lions roaming around the streets. At least not in the south suburbs anyway.


Nevertheless, people’s brains with anxiety disorder still find a way to trick them into overestimating the amount of danger in a given situation. The result - crippling &  paralyzing anxiety. 


How common is this?


Approximately 18 percent of people have an anxiety disorder of some kind. Women are 2x more likely to have anxiety than men.


What are the symptoms?

Frequent symptoms are excessive worry, intrusive and/or ruminating thoughts, compulsive behaviors, excessive fear in social situations, restlessness, insomnia, decreased appetite, weight loss.


How do I fix it?


My anxiety treatment uses a unique type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy called Exposure Response Prevention. It is the gold standard treatment in reducing the troubling symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Social Anxiety, Health Anxiety, and Panic Disorder.


My approach to depression implements Dialectical Behavior Therapy along with Attachment Theory to help recognize your unresolved childhood wounds,  provide corrective and healing emotional experiences, and challenge your unhelpful narrative. In order to manage the distressing symptoms I teach you distress tolerance skills like guided imagery, grounding, and relaxation techniques.

These feelings do not have to control your life any longer.


You can find relief. Ashley Schuch has over 10 years of experience successfully treating anxiety & depression disorders. Most patients report a decrease in symptoms in as few as 3- 5 sessions. *Individual results may vary*


Let's get you feeling better.

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