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Who am I?


I am a mom, therapist, friend, and a feminist. I know exactly how difficult it is to manage a career, parenthood, and a personal life. With over 10 years of experience as a psychotherapist - I have made it my passion to empower women to become the best versions of themselves.


I believe my own experiences with trauma, anxiety, depression, and postpartum have made me a more empathic and attuned therapist. It has helped me understand on a very personal level the unique struggles my clients experience. I know firsthand the fear that can be associated with engaging in counseling. My mission in founding Empower Women Counseling is to empower women to heal their emotional wounds while reducing the  shame associated with obtaining mental health treatment. 


It’s okay to not be okay. 


I have been a psychotherapist for over ten years with experience in foster care, inpatient, outpatient hospitals, & private practice.  I received my Masters Degree from the University of Chicago with a concentration in clinical social work. I have extensive experience in evidence based treatment of complex trauma, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, attachment, and maternal mental health. 

My therapeutic approach is attachment and trauma focused. I utilize Attachment Theory, EMDR, and Brainspotting as tools to help my clients heal. Attachment theory focuses on identifying how unmet emotional needs in early childhood mitigates current issues of abandonment, fear of rejection, excessive need of approval from others and negative view of self. (Mikulincer, Shaver, & Pereg, 2003; Wei, 2008). 

In February 2020 I became certified through Postpartum Support International as a PMH-C (Perinatal Mental Health Counselor.) I am part of a very unique group of specialists that have completed the requirements of Postpartum Support International in trainings and years of perinatal mental health experience and passed the PMH-C exam. 

It is a privilege to bear witness to your journey of healing and I am grateful to be a part of it. If you are suffering with symptoms of anxiety, depression, or unresolved trauma - take the first step to relief.  Call me at 708-480-2016 to schedule a free 15-minute consultation. I am happy to answer any questions you may have about your specific situation and how I can be of assistance.f help.

Education, Certifications, & License

  • Masters Degree in Clinical Social Work - University of Chicago - June 2011

  • Illinois Licensed Clinical Social Worker – December 2013 - Present

  • Advanced Training with Karen Kleiman The Art of Holding a Perinatal Women in Distress - March 2019

  • Dynamic Attachment Repatterning Experience Training by Diane Poole Heller – November 2019

  • Perinatal Mental Health Professional Certification (PMHC) February 2020 by Postpartum Support International 

  • Brainspotting Level 1 Completed – March 2020

  • EMDR Level 1 & 2 Training Completed – March 2021 – Institute for Creative Mindfulness

  • Integrating Ego States into Clinical Practice by Robin Shaprio – February 2022

  • Ego State Therapy Interventions to Prepare your Most Wounded Dissociative Dysregulated Clients for EMDR - Developmental Needs Meeting Strategy - November 2022

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