I am guessing you found your way to my website as you have spent another sleepless night worrying about your teenager. Being a teenager can be so tough and in todays technology driven world it makes it even more challenging than ever before. If your child is struggling with mood swings, relationship difficulties with peers, or chronic anxiety they do not have to struggle alone.


With nearly ten years of experience in adolescent mental health Empower Women Counseling offers the most comprehensive treatment available. Utilizing a combination of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy along with Family Systems Therapy, your teenager will be provided with concrete interventions to help alleviate the stress in their life. 

My teen counseling practice: As a licensed clinical social worker and former lead of an Intensive Outpatient Hospitalization Program for adolescents, I have counseled hundreds of adolescents with significant emotional issues. I have specialty focus in a number of areas important to teen development, including bipolar disorder, self harm, and anxiety.


I believe that the family plays a crucial role in recovery and as such I implement frequent family sessions to maximize the effectiveness of treatment.

If you are interested in learning more about my psychotherapy work with teens, I invite you to browse my website and give me a call at 708-480-2016 for a complementary telephone consultation.

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